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Contaminated Land Site Investigations

Through detailed desk studies, site investigations and testing in a UKAS accredited laboratory, we carry out contaminated land investigations to identify contamination, helping you to avoid penalties or unexpected costs, satisfy planning conditions or appropriately manage waste. From our Nottingham & Peterborough offices, we now serve most of England.

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In order to identify land contamination, whether it be to satisfy planning conditions and buildings regulations, appropriately manage soil waste or for assurance when buying land, a contaminated land investigation needs to be carried out and, in some cases, commencement of a project may not be possible without one. It may be the case that a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment is all that's required for your project, however, it may be neccessary to carry out further investigations, including soil sampling and remediation.

Fast & Qualified - Turnaround within days of site visit, including Walkover Survey and sample collection, with soil analysis carried out in a UKAS accredited laboratory and testing that meets all relevant British Standards

Environmental Regulations - Contaminated land site investigation reports detailing any potential contamination at a site, or the waste leaving a site, to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and protect you from penalties by environmental authorities

Planning Conditions - We've carried out many contaminated land investigations to satisfy conditions on planning applications for a wide range of construction and development projects

Next Day Site Visit & 3 Day Turnaround - As part of our push to help clients meet tight timescales, we are offering a next day site visit and 3 day turnaround service for all our Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessments. On top of that, we can fast track any soil test results, for clients looking for intrusive site sampling, to provide you with a complete contaminated land investigation in 3 days from sample collection. The availability of this service to be confirmed by email or phone

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessments, including detailed desk studies to indentify any potential contamination issues at a site and the need for any further testing, start at £670. The average project cost for our Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigation reports, including soil sampling and analysis in a UKAS accredited laboratory, is around £900, however, the actual cost for this phase is highly correlated to the amount and scope of testing required for the site. Costs associated with any further investigations or mitigation, such as a Phase 3 Remediation Options Appraisal or a Phase 4 Verification Report, are calculated on a case by case basis.

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Why Contaminated Land Investigations Are So Crucial

Contamination of land can come from a variety of sources throughout the historical use of a site, particularly in cities like Nottingham with a large environmental footprint due to their industrial past. Historical asbestos works, manufacturing activities, mining, petrol stations and various other sources can lead to the release of toxic or carcinogenic chemicals, organic contaminants and other potentially harmful substances. Rural sites can also have issues with land contamination from agricultural activities so the identification of this contamination, through a contaminated land investigation, is crucial and can help you avoid potential costs and even penalties from environmental authorities such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Planning Permission and Contaminated Land - A contaminated land investigation is often a necessary supporting document for a planning application, or to obtain planning permission for a construction project, and you may find it given as a condition with your planning approval. Planning conditions for contaminated land may be imposed even if the potential contamination doesn't originate on the site; so while a site may appear uncontaminated, it may be subject to contamination from elsewhere.

Building Regulations - Compliance with "Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture" of building regulations, required on a multitude of different types of construction project, will necessitate the need for a comprehensive contaminated land site investigation.

Waste Disposal - Following new enforcement laws, waste disposal (muck away) companies are increasingly asking customers to provide a detailed breakdown on the spoil to be collected through a waste classification test. The information requested by muck away companies is, unfortunately, not straightforward and a site investigation, including a waste classification soil test, will need to be carried out.

Property and Land - If you are buying a plot of land and do not carry out a contaminated land investigation before buying, you can become liable for any previously unidentified contamination on the site, even if you didn't cause the contamination. Similarly, if you fail to carry out a contaminated land investigation and proceed to build on contaminated land, you will be liable for any subsequent environmental issues caused. You may also find it difficult to sell land if you cannot prove that it is uncontaminated.

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Comprehensive Contaminated Land Investigation Services

Phase 1 Desk Study - Our contaminated land investigations will incorporate all aspects of the consultancy process, beginning with carrying out desk studies. This involves developing a site history, to assess the likelihood of historical contamination, and collating available information on the local area to assess the potential for contamination and produce a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment.

Phase 2 Contaminated Land Site Investigations - While desk studies can identify potential contaminants in the soil, a more in depth physical analysis of the ground is often needed to know if land is contaminated. Therefore, our contaminated land service can also include a more detailed investigation of potential risks through intrusive site investigations including soil sampling and UKAS accredited laboratory analysis. The findings from our site investigation and soil analysis will be used to produce a contaminated land report detailing, clearly and concisely, any contaminants present in the soil.

It is important to note that before a Phase 2 Site Investigation can be done, a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment must first be carried out. This is because the results of the Phase 1 will determine the scope of, or requirement for a Phase 2. The two phases are often presented individually but it is possible to have these presented as part of the same report.

Phase 3 Remediation Options Appraisal - If in the unfortunate situation that land contamination has been identified and quantified, a Phase 3 Remediation Options Appraisal is conducted to provide the client with suitable remediation options. When carrying out this phase we assess remediation options based on both their ability to mitigate contamination risk and the cost of implementation for the client. To aide efficiency, we can also manage and carry out the implementation of a contaminated land remediation strategy.

Phase 4 Verification Report - Primarily carried out on projects with more complex land contamination remediation issues, a Phase 4 Verification Report is conducted to confirm that remediation has successfully mitigated the land contamination risk.

Watching Brief - While not part of the phased approach to a contaminated land investigation, a Watching Brief can be a useful tool to avoid more costly methods of identifying contaminated land.

1. Contact us and let us know your requirements
2. Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved
3. Our environmental consultants will first carry out a detailed desk study to produce a Phase 1 Prliminary Risk Assessment
4. If necessary, soil samples will be collected for analysis in our UKAS accredited laboratory
5. Once samples are tested we will produce a clear, easily understandable site investigation report and a report detailing the chemical properties of the soil
6. The contaminated land investigation will give information on a number of potential contaminants including heavy metals, PAHs and TPHs but can be tailored to the specific needs of the project
7. We can turnaround our contaminated land investigations across England, from our Nottingham & Peterborough offices, within days of your initial enquiry allowing you to stick to schedules and minimise any disruption to your project
8. If you're simply looking for more information about our contaminated land investigations or our company then complete the form on our contact page and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry in a timely manner

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Contaminated Land Case Study and Review

DPL Steel Buildings, a leading groundworks and steel building construction company based in the East Midlands, contacted us regarding our contaminated land investigations to carry out soil analysis and testing on one of their sites in Nottingham. Following initial discussions, our environmental consultants visited the site to take some soil samples to be analysed at the laboratory and to survey the site for an in-depth contaminated land site investigation report. Our analysis showed that the soil on site was non-hazardous and DPL were able to carry out their project within days of first contact.

The guys at Oakshire are really friendly and helpful. They always deliver a professional and speedy service for us. We use them for all our waste classification testing, reporting and environmental consulting for our groundwork division at DPL. A great company to work with.

DPL Steel Buildings are now a construction partner of ours, after successfully working together for some time now, and kindly posted this review on our social media.

Meet Our Land Contamination Consultants

Consultants - Supervised by our Chief Technical Officer, Louis Turner, our fully comprehensive contaminated land investigations, are carried out by highly qualified consultants, combining over 30 years experience with recognised in-depth technical qualifications in identification of contamination and environmental issues, as well as the implementation of remediation work.

Management - Our wealth of experience in project management, logistics and environmental consulting allows us to provide an efficient, friendly and high quality topsoil testing service for our clients. As a company, we believe that helping clients achieve their goals while simultaneously protecting the environment is a true "win-win" situation.

Partners - Our experienced, professional and qualified construction and consulting partners further extend the range of environmental and land contamination services we are able to provide. Our partners provide our clients with services such as waste management, remediation implementation and construction services.

What we're working on...

Update: We're working on a Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigation for a large residential development to include houses, flats and commercial buildings on a brownfield site in Surrey. A phase 1 risk assessment identified multiple contamination issues and soil sampling and analysis was needed to assess the contamination risk at the site. We carried out this soil testing in our UKAS accredited lab and will assess the results to screening values to conclude contamination risk at the site.

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