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Do I Need Planning Permission for an Extension?

When you are considering building an extension on your home, careful consideration of the relevant regulations is essential before any construction work can begin.

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There are a number of regulations regarding sizes, designs and materials that you must adhere to but a few examples include, a house extension will require planning permission if it extends beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than 3 meters if an attached house or by 4 meters if detached. Also, if a house extension is higher than 4 meters or the highest part of the roof of the original house, it will need planning permission. The materials used for an extension must be similar in appearance to the existing house, especially for listed buildings or homes within a conservation area.

Do I Need an Architect for an Extension?

To help you design and plan your extension you may consider hiring an architect. However, while using an architect for an extension can assist in developing creative designs they often don't have the necessary knowledge of construction capabilities or planning regulations, potentially rendering your extension designs impossible to implement. Rather than hiring an architect for an extension, a competent planning consultant can help you with the project from the initial design and planning stage all the way through the planning application process to ensure you will be granted planning permission for your extension. This saves you a huge amount of time and massively increases your chance of a successful application.

"It’s important to bring a consultant on at the beginning of the process, since if a plan is refused permission the first time around its chances of success later on are greatly diminished. Some people choose to rely on their architects to manage the application process. However, you should not assume that your architect will be able to navigate planning permission in complex cases." - planningportal.co.uk

Our Experienced Planning Consultants

Our planning consultants combine the creative designs of an architect with the knowledge and experience of an engineer. This means that we are able to develop appealing designs while ensuring it can actually be built and through 30 years in the industry, we have never failed to have planning permission successfully granted for an extension project. Our planning consultants can:

Detailed designs - Produce highly detailed designs that suit your needs (including Computer Aided Designs that allow you to visualise your ideas) and meet the requirements of the local planning authority

Years of experience - Overcome common issues with planning applications with an in-depth understanding of UK planning law through many years of experience in the construction industry

Increased chance of approval - Provide solutions that optimise the use of space and increase chances of a successful planning application

Therefore, when you are planning an extension that requires planning permission you should strongly consider hiring an experienced planning consultant rather than an architect as it will greatly increase your chances of being able to actually build your dream home extension.

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