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Environmental Management GIS & Cloud Storage

As part of our drive to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainable economic and social development, by providing accessible and easy to understand environmental data, we have developed a Geographic Information System (GIS), powered by OpenStreetMap and utilising cloud storage. Highly detailed maps display all of your projects, from basic site surveys to detailed risk assessments and site investigations, allowing you to access archived reports from anywhere, on any device and better understand your reporting requirements, geographic environmental risk exposure and potential environmental impact.

Environmental Map Data Anywhere, Anytime.. Free

Anywhere, anytime, across all of your devices - Whether you're a small construction or property development company, with only a few employees, or a large corporation, with employees and data across multiple departments, you can access maps and archived data from any device at any time. All your archived environmental data is stored securely on our system and is accessible through an individual login, directly on our website. Viewing maps and finding the information you need is easy, even if you're on-site, all you need is an internet connection, no apps or software downloads required.

Free - GIS & cloud storage services are all too often inaccessible for clients, due to the cost, meaning many don't utilise what can be an incredibly powerful tool, that's why we offer our environmental management GIS & cloud storage service completely free of charge, to all of our regular clients. If you don't wish to use our environmental consultancy services but still want to take advantage of our environmental management GIS we offer a tailored, affordable monthly subscription.

Storage & Access - In addition to viewing and analysing information, our complete GIS acts as a cloud storage service; organising and storing your data securely for you to access from anywhere at any time. This is especially useful for larger firms with multiple departments and often fragmented data storage. Using our environmental management GIS & cloud storage service you'd have access to all your environmental data through the interactive maps or using our built in search feature.

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What is GIS & Cloud Storage?

Geographic Information System (GIS) - GIS stands for Geographic Information System. At its core, GIS is a term used to describe the displaying of information on a map, in order to allow the user to better understand the geographical context of that information. An example of GIS, is the Environment Agency's flood zones map, this map displays areas across the country potentially at risk of flooding. Whilst GIS can be utilised for a vast range of uses, it remains at its core, the display of information in a geographical context.

Cloud Storage - You may have heard of the term 'cloud storage' before, it's a term thrown around a lot nowadays, but don't quite understand what it is and how it can benefit you. What our cloud storage service really boils down to is the secure storage of your environmental data on our system, allowing on-demand accessibility to all your data in one place through a secure individual login to our environmental management GIS & cloud storage service, directly on our website. No need to waste time requesting or sending information, or endlessly searching through fragmented data across multiple systems.

Environmental Mapping Powered By OpenStreetMap - Our environmental management GIS uses OpenStreetMap at its core. OSM was built, and is continually improved by, a community of mapping specialists that contribute and maintain data from across the world. OpenStreetMap emphasises local knowledge with contributors using aerial imagery, GPS devices, and low-tech field maps, ensuring that OSM is accurate and up to date.

How GIS Can Be Used In Environmental Management

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) is specifically designed to allow our clients to store, organise, access and analyse environmental impact (including flood risk), land contamination and waste management data.

Environmental Impact - GIS can be used to identify the geographical spread of potentially environmentally harmful activities and enable in-depth analysis of activities carried out by you or your business to be conducted, taking into account the environmental and ecological sensitivity of the areas in which you work. Taking into account both elements when assessing your potential environmental impact allows for a more accurate understanding of the overall situation and how best to begin to minimise or eliminate any identified impact.

Land Contamination - Land contamination issues can have a devastating effect on both the environment and humans so the use of GIS for environmental risk management is vital in this sector. Our mapping and cloud storage services allow our clients to easily identify potential or confirmed land contamination through geographical display of, and instant access to, all of your risk assessments, surveys, site investigations and other land contamination data. Visualisation of this data can assist in assessing your land contamination risk exposure and where improvements or efficiencies can be made to your analysis and reporting requirements.

Waste Management - With the introduction of ever more regulatory requirements for businesses that produce and dispose of waste, our GIS cloud services are increasingly being used for waste management purposes. In addition to all the benefits provided by our GIS service, the built in cloud storage enables access to reports on things like waste soil testing and waste disposal regulations, from anywhere, at any time, on any device so on-site staff can easily find and supply any information requested by waste carriers and other third-parties, allowing projects to continue to run smoothly without unnecessary delays.

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Meet Our Environmental Management Consultants

Consultants - Supervised by our Chief Technical Officer, Louis Turner, our fully comprehensive and wide ranging environmental consultancy services, are carried out by highly qualified consultants, combining over 30 years experience with recognised in-depth technical qualifications in identification of environmental issues.

Management - Our wealth of experience in project management, logistics and environmental consulting allows us to provide efficient, friendly and high quality environmental services for our clients. As a company, we believe that helping clients achieve their goals while simultaneously protecting the environment is a true "win-win" situation.

Partners - Our experienced, professional and qualified partners provide us with services ranging from data security to wide ranging and in-depth data collection, enabling us to continue to provide the great service we offer.

Next Steps - Your GIS & cloud storage requirements will be unique to your situation so if you're looking for more information about our environmental management GIS & cloud storage service, or our company, then contact us and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Us - Contact us and let us know your requirements. Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved. For regular clients our GIS & cloud storage service is completely free. We'll get your data setup on our system so you can start benefitting from our service within days.

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