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Flood Risk Assessment Reports

Our flood risk assessment reports will provide you with detailed analysis of the flood risks in a given area helping you to prevent, mitigate or prepare for potential flood events. Based in Nottingham, we have decades of experience dealing with flood risk in the construction industry and extensive environmental knowledge and we can work with you to develop a mitigation strategy and, if required, help you comply with planning conditions.

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Assess Flood Risk - Desk studies comprising in-depth research of flood risk in a specified area

Comply With Planning Conditions - Flood risk assessment reports with mitigation strategies to protect against potential flooding and comply with planning conditions

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) - Extensive environmental knowledge of flood risk issues and the ability to combine our 30 years of experience in the construction industry allow us to develop and construct Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Urbanisation, Planning Permission and Flood Risk

Impact of Urbanisation - Growing urbanisation has led to an increase in impermeable surfaces and resulting flooding events. This decreased permeability along with an increase in extreme weather events means that drainage infrastructure is vital and previous infrastructure may no longer be sufficient, resulting in many areas now at risk of flooding. Flood risk assessment reports are crucial in a range of industries, particularly construction, so if you're looking to develop on land potentially at risk from flooding, a thorough assessment of the potential risks and resulting impact on future flood risks will need to be carried out.

Planning Permission - If a planned development is in a flood risk area you may be instructed, through the implementation of planning conditions, by the local authority to show that you have taken necessary precautions to protect the building from flooding. These precautions can include alterations to floor heights, material use and other flood resistant products. Our construction industry experience, and close relationships with various construction partners, allows us to design and construct a range of flood protection measures and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to work alongside our flood risk assessment report.

Case Study - Urban areas are particularly susceptible to flooding. For example, the combination of a large amount of impermeable surfaces and the River Trent running through it mean a city like Nottingham may be at risk of flooding. However, some areas, such as Peterborough and the surrounding Fenland, are more susceptible than others due to a range of topographical, geological and environmental factors. Peterborough and the Fenland is situated in a very low lying region, close to The Wash on the East coast of England, on top of clay soil which is far less permeable than other soil types.

Tailored Flood Risk Assessment Service

Phase 1 Desk Study - Our services include in-depth desk studies analysing the likely areas of high flood risk with regards to factors such as an areas location, the topography of the land and the underlying geology. This will allow us to get an idea for the areas where flooding is likely.

Site Investigation - While desk studies are useful to get a rough idea of the possibility of flooding, more detailed analysis is needed to know which areas, in particular, are at risk and how best to manage this risk. Therefore, we also provide intrusive site investigation work to identify the ground conditions and better understand where potential floods are likely to occur. We can use this information to produce for you a clearly laid out and detailed flood risk assessment report outlining the areas where flood risks are high and the reasons for this, as well as potential mitigation options.

Implementation of a Flood Risk Assessment Report - We have experience installing Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and adapting construction work to address flood risk issues. Our construction industry background means that we're able to provide a fully comprehensive flood risk assessment report that can also include construction of drainage infrastructure and project management and support.

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Meet Our Flood Risk Consultants

Consultants - Supervised by our Chief Technical Officer, Louis Turner, our fully comprehensive flood risk assessment reports, are carried out by highly qualified consultants, combining over 30 years experience with recognised in-depth technical qualifications in identification of environmental issues and implementation of any necessary remediation work.

Management - Our wealth of experience in project management, logistics and environmental consulting allows us to provide an efficient, friendly and high quality flodd risk service for our clients. As a company, we believe that helping clients achieve their goals while simultaneously protecting the environment is a true "win-win" situation.

Partners - Our experienced, professional and qualified construction and consulting partners further extend the range of environmental services we are able to provide. These partners help us produce highly detailed and thorough flood risk assessments.

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