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Planning Permission Consultants

By combining the work of architects, structural engineers and builders we can offer a fully comprehensive planning permission consultancy for environmental, commercial and residential planning applications across the country and can manage all aspects of the planning and construction process.

FREE Initial Planning Advice - As part of our push to increase awareness and improve understanding of planning permission and the overall planning process, we are offering free initial planning advice. Simply complete the form on our contact page or call us for an informal, no obligation chat.

Background Research - Background research into the history of the proposed site (e.g. identification of listed buildings)

Full Service Planning Drawings - Detailed planning drawings, including an Environmental Impact Assessment (with considerations to things such as flood risks and impacts to local wildlife), a design and access statement and a structural engineer's reports (if required)

30 Years Experience - Hundreds of successful planning applications and over 30 years experience

Why Planning Permission Consultancy Is So Important

Planning permission consultancy is an essential part of any construction project when building something new, making a major change to a building or changing the use of your building. This process, however, is not always straightforward and unforeseeable problems can easily arise and in densely populated urban areas, like Nottingham, planning permission is particularly important.

If your project needs planning permission and you do the work without getting it, you can be served an 'enforcement notice' ordering you to undo all the changes you have made -

Regulations - Careful consideration of the relevant regulations is essential before any construction work can begin. There are a number of regulations regarding sizes, designs and materials that you must adhere to. For example, a residential extension will require planning permission if it extends beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than 6 meters if an attached house or by 8 meters if detached (as of 30th May 2019). Also, if a residential extension is higher than 4 meters or the highest part of the roof of the original house, it will need planning permission. The materials used for an extension must also be similar in appearance to the existing house, especially for listed buildings or homes within a conservation area.

It's important to bring a consultant on at the beginning of the process, since if a plan is refused permission the first time around its chances of success later on are greatly diminished. Some people choose to rely on their architects to manage the application process. However, you should not assume that your architect will be able to navigate planning permission in complex cases -

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Our Planning Permission & Environmental Consulting Services

Never Failed To Receive Planning Permission - By utilising our in-depth understanding of UK planning law, our years of experience and never having failed to receive planning permission we can are confident in our ability to overcome the common issues that arise throughout the planning applications process. We offer consultancy for projects of all sizes from simple home extensions to large scale commercial developments. We provide solutions that optimise the use of space and increase chances of a successful planning application along with highly detailed designs and planning drawings that suit your needs (including Computer Aided Designs that allow you to visualise your ideas) and meet the requirements of the local planning authority.

Environmental - Environmental concerns are becoming a more important part of the construction industry with regards to planning permission, due to more stringent environmental regulations and growing public interest. Contaminated land investigations and flood risk assessments, for example, are often required by local authorities when you apply for planning permission or as part of building regulations. Environmental issues make up an increasingly large portion of our planning applications and by combining our planning permission consultancy services with analysis by our environmental scientists, we provide local authorities with everything they need and more.

What we're working on right now - We're currently working as the planning agent for a ground floor flat renovation in London. The property is in a conservation area in Chelsea and needs detailed planning drawings and appraisal documents to support the application, especially given the extent of the project. Our consultancy includes drawing up plans, liaising with the local authority and ultimately submitting the application on our client's behalf.

Meet Our Planning Permission Consultants

Consultants - Supervised by Richard Turner, our fully comprehensive planning permission consultancy projects are carried out by highly qualified consultants, combining over 30 years experience and the successful approval of hundreds of planning applications with recognised in-depth technical qualifications.

Management - Our wealth of experience in project management, logistics, environmental and planning consulting allows us to provide an efficient, friendly and high quality service for our clients. As a company, we believe that helping clients achieve their goals while simultaneously protecting the environment is a true "win-win" situation.

Partners - Our vetted, professional and qualified partners allow us to combine the work of architects, structural engineers and builders to provide a thorough consultancy encompassing all aspects of a construction project with complete understanding of how these parts work together. Our partners also include construction companies with decades of experience dealing with planning authorities and successfully obtaining planning permission for hundreds of jobs, meaning we can carry out the construction of your project too.

Contact Us - Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements, alternatively, if your requirements are more complex, or you're looking for more information about our planning permission consultancy services or our company, a more formal consultation may be necessary. Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved.

If you need help or have a question, let us know and we will endeavour to respond same day. By sending this form you agreeing to our Privacy Policy and for the personal data entered above to be saved to allow us to properly respond to your enquiry. Data is not shared with third-parties.

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